Offer the B E S T pool system to your customers -  It's our job to make you look good           

                      We know your customers are going to love our Grander Fresh Water Pool so much they will thank you for it!

LET US LOOK AFTER YOUR CUSTOMERS - we do all the followup so you can focus on building.

 Grander Freshwater Pools offers Pool Builders:

 - Easy to Install Pool System

 - We Look after your Customers

 - Ongoing Support and Followup for your customers

 - 1-2 Delivery

 - Product Guarantee & Warranty


See Full Benefit List here

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 W A T C H - How Easy Grander Freshwater Pool System is to install here



Grander Freshwater Pools offer your Customers:

 - Freshwater Pool System

-  No Eye & Skin Irritations

 - 60% Energy Savings

 - 80% Chemical Reduction

 - Use backwash safely on gardens (no sewage connection needed)

 - System is automatic

 - 1 Hour Maintenance a Month

 - No Chemical Adjusters, Copper, Oxidisers etc.

 - Ongoing Support and Followup for your customers

 - Product Guarantee & Warranty