Convert your salt water pool to a Grander Fresh Water Pool in 3 Steps!

Simply drain the majority of the salt water from the pool and refill with fresh town water.

Place the Grander Rod in the skimmer basket 

3 Install the GFP System replacing the original salt chlorinator.

  • Conversion uses the same Grander Rod as the Grander Fresh Water Pool System.
  • It is compatible with all pool material types, (tile, pebble, liner, fibre glass).
  • Converting to a Grander Fresh Water Pool is ideal for existing salt pools that require salt cell replacements or have other equipment failure.
  • You can swim in your freshwater pool within 24hours.


  • ZERO Eye & Skin Irritations
  • FRIENDLY on Ezcema / Skin Allergies
  • ZERO Chemical tastes and odours
  • ZERO acid and adjustment chemicals
  • ZERO stablising chemicals
  • ZERO need to shower after swimming
  • SANITIZED for 1 hour at night
  • HIGHEST QUALITY water is the same used in European hydrotherapy spas
  • 1 HOUR Maintenance a Month
  • Equipment IS AUTOMATIC
  • Settings only have to be changed seasonally, - NO more constant pool shop visits
  • Equipment IS SIMPLY 1 x Grander Water Conditioner, 1 x Doser
  • NO pH adjustment 
  • NO MAINTENANCE* Grander Water Conditioner needs no maintenance and lasts a lifetime with care instructions followed 
  • REDUCTION in Chemical Costs
  • 60% REDUCTION in Energy Costs
  • Minimal Salt Costs
  • ZERO Replacement parts on Grander
  • ZERO Copper Rods to replace
  • RECYCLE pool water onto your lawns & gardens
  • REDUCTION of Chemicals in the Environment
  • REDUCED Carbon Footprint
  • 60% REDUCTION in Energy Costs
  • WATERWISE Fresh water from Backwash use directly on gardens
  • REDUCED Environmental Impact - NO stormwater connection needed for backwash
  • ZERO holding tanks needed
  • RECYCLE pool water onto your lawns & gardens
  • PHONE SUPPORT Talk to a trained technician
  • EMAIL SUPPORT Email / Text a pool report & receive feedback asap
  • SEASONAL HINTS receive email reminders to alter pool settings for a hassle free pool
  • ONLINE Resources - guides on how to simply run your pool
  • Complete money back satisfaction guarantee up to one year Live membership support; advice and information on running your pool, questions answered directly by our staff, help when you need it.

Contact us on 1800 675 771 for more details on how you can convert your existing Salt pool to a Grander Fresh Water Pool.